How Terra Origin Increased Sales Through Targeted Customer Reviews 

“It’s down to Social Nature’s targeted, authentic audience.” – Eric Fuller, VP/GM of Terra Origin

Authenticity is a key part of what attracts customers to brands: They want products with stories that deliver what they promise, and they want credible voices and other consumers’ experience to verify that.

That’s all very well if you’ve been around for decades, but what if you’re a new, emerging brand? “How can you communicate how great your product is apart from through the claims on your own website? We needed an audience that would speak to the product in an authentic way,” says Eric Fuller, VP/GM of Terra Origin, which makes a thoughtful, scientifically supported line of nutraceutical supplements and powders.

In Fall 2017, he turned to Social Nature to gain access to that perfect audience. “We didn’t just need brand awareness – we needed the right brand awareness, and we knew Social Nature could offer a focused and dedicated effort among the right audience,” he says.

Word of mouth at its best – hundreds of natural product consumers engaging their friends & family

1,000 health-conscious consumers received 3 samples of the brand’s Greens Superfoods (Coffee flavour), a greens powder with a unique flavour offering. More than 80 per cent of those sampled reviewed their experience, creating and sharing over 358 social posts to their personal networks online. Each of these influenced an average of a staggering 43 friends & family – now that’s authentic word of mouth buzz! 

From #9 seller to #1 in a matter of weeks

Fuller continues, “The campaign allowed us to focus consumer touchpoints around the Greens Superfoods and it paid off for the whole portfolio. By mid-January 2018 we were growing between 22-75% over two-week increments, and the continued growth for coffee was in triple digits during this time. I did not expect sales to be this strong or consistent – it tells me this message is getting into other people’s hands and they are going out and purchasing too – I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Customers don’t normally tell you what they like or don’t like

Just as valuable were the consumer insights he received from the campaign; “Amazon reviews are OK, but you don’t get important insights about your customers.  Social Nature didn’t just give star ratings, we also got commentary on what customers did and didn’t like, which helps tremendously from a marketing standpoint.” he says.

Terra Origin has gone on to run more campaigns starting with their Plant Protein. Fuller is now looking to Social Nature to support future product launches and expansion, saying “Social Nature would be great as a partner to continuously generate awareness, drive volume and help us optimize our overall business.”


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