How a Niche Product Increased Online Sales

“I am really happy with Social Nature. We have loved reading (and re-posting) the reviews, and lots of people have used the discount code already.” – Patrice Mousseau, Founder of Satya Organics


All she wanted was a natural solution to address her daughter’s eczema. Instead, all she could find were steroid-based options. So what did she do? She created her own balm containing just five natural, organic ingredients. But her work didn’t end there. She needed sales! Specifically from people experiencing similar skin issues (including dry, flaky, irritated skin) who would be open to trying her product and willing to get others to try and buy it too. Putting her faith in word-of-mouth marketing, she came to Social Nature for help.


Seeking hundreds of targeted consumers, we created a custom survey to establish our trial group. Using the information gathered, we achieved our goals, right down to location, skin issues, and openness to try an organic based product. Knowing this group would not only benefit from the balm but get the word out to others, we followed-up with a trial-sized sample. 


Soon after our mail-out, Social Nature was flooded with detailed product reviews. Along with a stellar 4 out of a 5-star ranking, 87% said they would buy the balm post-trial, and 90% said they’d recommend it to friends. Which they did! During our campaign, Satya’s website received the highest daily sales on-record, most of which were referrals from our community. Talk about word-of-mouth marketing power.

Recognizing this, Satya has embedded these reviews to their e-commerce site. Not only are they experiencing a steady flow of online traffic and sales, the balm is now sold in hundreds of retail locations.


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