How Geo-Targeted Sampling Secured Distribution

Launching two new products, Kim’s Simple Meals enlisted Social Nature’s powerful geo-tagging capabilities to win not just coveted shelf space in their chosen retailers, but consumer advocates and repeat sales.


Kim’s Simple Meals had just launched two new products: A vegan, gluten-free mac ‘n’ cheese meal kit, plus a homestyle burger mix. Both were available at Sprouts Farmers Market locations with their target consumer being Millennial Moms seeking easy meals for their families. As with most new product launches, Kim’s Simple Meals needed to move these quickly or risk losing shelf space. Their ask to Social Nature was simple (sort of): Help us get our products into the right people’s hands to drive store traffic and sales so that we can maintain our store presence and continue to enjoy future sales.


With a target of 2,000 Millennial Moms that lived near Sprouts, we put the word out to our community. With our ability to geo-target by zip code we matched our members based on a 6-mile radius from Kim’s distribution. We further qualified for age, family status, and dietary preferences, and then sent 2,000 qualified members a free product voucher redeemable at a Sprouts store near them.  To drive repeat sales, we followed-up with a $1 off coupon.


Upon receiving their free voucher, our Moms wasted no time and shopped their local Sprouts to try their choice of Kim’s Simple Meals. Products flew off the shelf, effectively increasing sales in-store. Our Millennial Moms loved the convenience of these healthy meals and shopped again using their $1 off coupon, producing a redemption rate 15X higher than the industry standard. Needless to say, our ability to geo-target and offer a compelling call-to-action was paramount to this campaign’s success. Thanks to Kim’s Simple Meals, more Moms are feeding their families healthier meals. And tasty ones too!


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