The ROI of Digital Sampling

Kathy Shwydky, a Brand Manager for Flora Health, a manufacturer of premium health products since 1965, shares her decision to take their sampling digital and how it increased their sales by 34%.

Why did you decide to run a digital sampling campaign?

I wanted to delve into digital sampling and social marketing because I see this as being a great way to reach our target audience. Research has shown that prior to making a purchasing decision, the majority of us will first research a product online. Positive consumer reviews are much more likely to sway one’s buying decision than a company’s advertisement.

What were your previous marketing activities?

Up until recently, Flora’s marketing activities had been very traditional. We’ve advertised in print magazines and circulate a semi-annual consumer flyer nationwide.

How did Social Nature help Flora?

Social Nature has been an integral part of getting the Flora name out in social media and in generating online consumer reviews, which we continue to share with our followers on Twitter, Facebook, and our website.

How did it compare to your previous marketing efforts?

We have seen a substantial sales increase as a result of Social Nature’s campaigns. For one of the campaigns we ran, when we consider retail store and online sales, Flora saw a 34% increase in sales for that particular product during the promotional period.

What’s your biggest takeaway from the campaign?

The ability to track impressions, reach and increase sales. It doesn’t hurt that our products are getting rave reviews either!

You’re looking to run more campaigns with Social Nature. What drove this decision and what are your expected outcomes?

I love how far you can stretch a marketing budget when doing digital and social sampling. I find that the campaigns we run through Social Nature provide a lot of bang for our buck. Through social sharing, these campaigns reach a lot more people than traditional sampling channels and have introduced many to Flora that would not otherwise know about our natural health products.


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