How Online Reviews Drive In-Store Results

As marketers look to track results, get online reviews, and engage more consumers, sampling is going digital. In this client spotlight, we interview Kari Warberg, founder of natural pest repellent line, EarthKind, and our most buzzed-about campaign of 2016!

Why did you decide to run a digital sampling campaign?

With pest control, a person has to have a current problem for there to be a demand. Which means if we want our products to be their solution, we have to be as easy to find as possible. Knowing that 42% of our shoppers go online to look for positive reviews, we had to take action!

What product did you promote on Social Nature?

We went with our most popular product, our natural spider repellent.

Had you run similar campaigns before?

We’ve done sampling at events and in-stores, but never had we tried online.

How did Social Nature help EarthKind?

We were able to get hundreds of online reviews that would’ve taken years to curate otherwise. We now use these reviews on our website and social media channels so when people search for natural pest repellent we come up first!

How did it compare to a traditional sampling campaign?

Social Nature is a great way to extend our sampling reach, increasing our ROI. We gave out 1,000 samples, but through the social sharing influenced over 500,000 people to check out our product.

What’s your biggest takeaway from the campaign?

The reviews themselves. It was enlightening to see how people talk about, think about and use our product. This is gold for a customer-obsessed brand like EarthKind.

You’re running four more campaigns in 2017 with Social Nature. What drove this decision and what are your expected outcomes?

 We’ve decided to spend a large percentage of our marketing budget this year on Social Nature because we understand the customer journey begins online and having a strong online presence will result in brick and mortar sales.


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