How to use Consumer Reviews to Win the Trust Of Retailers

“Social Nature helped us introduce our niche product to the health conscious community. The social sharing aspect of the campaign worked hand in hand with our product trial, creating more brand awareness and exposure for us.”  – Doug Lowe, Marketing Director at Alliga

1000 consumers tried it

91% shared an online review

460,000+ social reach


From fighting disease to reducing inflammation, the flaxseed is indeed a superfood. The only downfall? As an oil, it’s unable to withstand high temperatures without a rancid risk. Enter Alligga’s Flaxseed Cooking Oil: North America’s first organic, high-heat safe flaxseed oil. While an innovative product, it needed consumer backing in order to win the loyalty of retailers. But these couldn’t be any consumers. They needed an informed group of foodies who’d be willing to try it, write an honest review, and hopefully like it enough to buy it. Hence why they came to Social Nature for help. 


Knowing we had the people-power, we put the word out to our community, targeting those already using healthy oils in their cooking/baking and familiar with flaxseed benefits. In a matter of days, we reached our target of 1,000 qualified consumers. From there, we followed-up with a free trial of the flaxseed oil along with an educational piece about its ingredients and usage.


Following the product trial, Alligga was flooded with positive reviews, giving the flaxseed cooking oil a top ranking (4.5/5 stars). Recognizing the superior power of these consumer reviews, Alligga incorporated them into their sales materials, securing one of the country’s top distributors based on the demand these reviews demonstrated. Alligga continues to leverage the power of these reviews, adding them to their website, which landed them on the first page of for ‘Organic Flaxseed Cooking Oil’, and even adding the reviews to their trade show collateral to give away to retail buyers

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