Magnesium Drink

By Natural Calm Canada

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  • Try Natural Calm Ionic Magnesium Citrate powder
  • Great-tasting, better-absorbing, magnesium drink
  • Relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce pain and promote heart health
  • Mix into a hot or cold drink 
  • Free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

Description Ingredients

Natural Calm is a great-tasting, better-absorbing, magnesium drink. The proprietary magnesium citrate formula is fast-acting, to relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce pain, promote heart health and more. The health benefits of magnesium are clinically proven, but most Canadians don’t get enough through diet. 2 teaspoons (5 grams) provides 100% of the daily requirement of magnesium for most men and women. Enjoy Natural Calm as a delicious hot tea, add it to cold drinks, and enjoy any time of day or evening!  

Magnesium carbonate (when dissolved, Natural Calm becomes magnesium citrate) 

Non-medicinal ingredients: Citric Acid. Flavors contain organic stevia.

Natural Calm Canada Reviews (296)
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I did feel more relaxed and had a better sleep than usual. The taste wasn't my favorite but it wasnt bad either. I'm fairly picky with flavour. Over all good experience with the product though as it does what it says it will do.


I liked the magnesium drink sample a lot. It had a nice flavor and I enjoyed drinking it in water. I felt my muscles were little more relieved, no pain! I have fibromyalgia and have body pain most of the time.After taking this drink felt more calm and was able to sleep well as well.


It tasted o k but I didn't feel a difference after having it. I was expecting to feel calmer and sleep better but didn't feel those effects. Maybe not for me


This. Really. Works. Had problems with stress and anxiety. Discovered this product and I no longer have these issues. You don't have to take this regularly, but if you do there is peace of mind in knowing that the ingredients are all natural and organic. Feeling stressed out? Anxiety's got the best of you? Give this a shot and I guarantee you will be happy you did. #trynatural #gotitfree


This was a pleasant flavoured drink. An simple and effective way to increase magnesium consumption. I shared one sample with my mom to see if she would like to switch from vitamin capsules.



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