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  • Heartdrops
  • Try Heartdrops® (225 ml) by Strauss Naturals
  • Choice of flavor: Cinnamon or Original
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health
  • Reduces blood lipids like oxidized LDL cholesterol & triglycerides
  • Improves blood pressure and circulation
  • Contains 8 powerful herbs
  • 300 year old European herbal formula
  • Scientifically validated in 3 studies
  • Free of top 11 allergens

Description Ingredients

Strauss Heartdrops® is a 300 year old European herbal formula crafted by the unique methods of the Strauss family of herbalists; with 8 powerful herbs and a proprietary process that remains unduplicated. It lowers elevated blood lipids like oxidized LDL cholesterol, helps maintain cardiovascular health and improves circulation.

Strauss Naturals Story: In the heart of Europe in the 1700’s a formula emerged from the Strauss family of herbalists. Seven generations later, escaping through gun-fire and mine-fields Jim Strauss brought his family to Canada. War induced PTSD prompted his heart attack in 1985; they made the Heartdrops® and Jim recovered. He knew then they must help as many people as possible. After 300 years Strauss Heartdrops® remain on the front-line in the battle for health.

Curious to know what the President of the Natural Health Products Protection Association has to say about Strauss Heartdrops®? Watch here >>

Symptoms and conditions associated with heart disease:

  • Chronic stress and High anxiety
  • PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)
  • High blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol
  • Cold hands and/or feet
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Persistent cough
  • Male impotence
  • Frank’s sign (earlobe creases)
  • Unexplained fatigue, lightheaded or dizziness
  • Weakening grip strength
  • Rapid or irregular pulse
  • Shortness of breath
  • Gum disease

Recommended Dose: Shake well; take 1 ml - 2.5 ml 3 times daily sublingually. Swish or dilute in a small amount of liquid. Hold under tongue for 1 minute.

Medicinal Ingredients: Viscum Album (European Mistletoe Leaf), Crateagus Laevigata (Hawthorn Fruit), Crateagus Laevigata (Hawthorn Leaf & Flower), Leonurus Cardiac (Motherwort Herb Top), Capsicum Annuum (Cayenne Fruit), Allium Sativum (Aged Garlic Bulb), Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry Leaf), Salix Alba (White Willow Bark).

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Water, Ethanol (the ethanol in Strauss Heartdrops® is from a natural source. It's non-GMO and gluten free).

Caution: Do not take if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or within 24 hours of surgery.

Strauss Naturals Reviews (159)
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I tried the original Heartdrops and didn't mind the taste. I didn't notice any difference, but I would continue using it. I did mention it to a friend who has heart disease run in her family. I would continue using this in conjunction with my healthy and active lifestyle.


I tried this product but didn’t notice anything. I have read many reviews about this helping other people so would probably recommend to others to try.


never got to try the product so I couldn't give a review, I would probably like the cinnamon. I was hoping it would have helped my recovery after exercise. I'm a long distance runner & cyclist.


I got the cinnamon flavour. It's very easy to take. I would have to take it long term to see if it's very effective. I'm glad to know that it helps cholesterol to help your cardiovascular health.


I recently had an echocardiogram, ECG, and blood work, all showing good cardiac results. I don't know if I can attribute them to the Heartdrops, but I will continue to take them as a precaution as I'm a candidate for heart problems.



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