Grain-Free Dog Treats

By Lindy & Company

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  • Grain-Free Dog Treats
  • Try Lindy's Bakery Gourmet Dog Treats 
  • Choose from 4 flavors: Pumpkin Pie, Peanutty Puppers, Salmon Snaps and Chicken Crisps
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Great for pets with grain sensitivities
  • 100% of all proceeds are used to support homeless youth
  • Made in USA

Qualities Description Ingredients

These delicious grain free pet treats will satisfy the most discriminating canine palates. They're packed with flavor, offer the health benefits of coconut oil and are free of grain, artificial colors and flavors. These USA-made treats are great for active pets and pets with grain sensitivities. Click here to check out the entire line of treats.

Lindy’s Bakery is a gourmet dog treat bakery created by the Daybreak, a nonprofit organization in Dayton Ohio. They teach homeless teens and young adults valuable work skills so they will never be homeless again. Best of all, 100% of proceeds from the sale of Lindy’s Bakery dog treats are used to provide emergency shelter, housing, and support for over 500 homeless teens and young adults each year!

Pumpkin Pie: garbanzo bean flour, pumpkin, eggs, coconut oil, honey, cinnamon, tocopherols (natural preservative), ascorbic acid (natural preservative).

Peanutty Puppers: garbanzo bean flour, peanut butter, eggs, coconut oil, honey, cinnamon, tocopherols (natural preservative), ascorbic acid (natural preservative).

Salmon Snaps: garbanzo bean flour, salmon, eggs, coconut oil, honey, tocopherols (natural preservative), ascorbic acid (natural preservative).

Chicken Crisp: garbanzo bean flour, chicken, eggs, coconut oil, honey, tocopherols (natural preservative), ascorbic acid (natural preservative).

* Tocopherol is a form of Vitamin E derived from vegetable oils.

* Ascorbic Acid is a vitamer of vitamin C and keeps foods fresh and colorful.

Lindy & Company Reviews (298)
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My american bulldog enjoyed them, however my pitbull would not eat them let alone try them. I think they would be more likely to try them if the were soft bites. But I do love the fact that this product helps those in need and that it is grain free.


He really loved these treats,followed me around when he knew that I had them. It was a different kind of taste for him,but he took to them really fast


I have never tried this brand before and was proud to give these to my dogs as a treat. I really enjoyed reading about the company and it was nice to see the location in my home state. With 100% proceeds going to the organization as well! My dogs loved the treats!! I highly recommend the treat and the company and would buy these in the future.


My dogs love it even my cat ate some which is krazy I share it with my friend dog and they love it to so we are going to order more would let my other friend know about it


My dogs don't usually take to Peanut Butter treats but I got to say that my dogs went crazy for these Peanutty Puppers! They are made with wholesome and organic ingredients, that drive my pets wild. Grain-free for the overall health of my dog and made with care. I love that these treats come in various different flavors: from Salmon, Chicken, Pumpkin and Peanut Butter. I chose the Peanut Butter out of curiosity because they never really liked the Peanut Butter treats I used to buy them, so I was curious if they would take to these treats (and they do!). Also, the name got me--I'm not going to lie. The name alone made me want to select these from the rest! I am a weak woman, what can I say? lol I get easily swayed by cute product names! hahaa but I am so happy and thrilled to admit that these were a sure winner in the household. I highly recommend and approve.


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