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Patti G.

SECOND UPDATE: Another star gone, this time because of the "coupon" which was sent to me in an email from Social Nature. It's a useless farce, because it's for Amazon.ca only. Paying a shipping fee for a product which is *supposed* to be found locally (see first update) not only negates the value of their coupon but ends up costing more than buying in person. This "offer" orders on insulting. UPDATE: I'm downgrading this review because this product is impossible to find anywhere. I checked their website, which says it's carried by Metro stores (not found at two locations), Amazon.ca (nowhere to be found) or Well.ca (only has the Fowler's diarrhea medication). Products are useless when you can't find them to purchase. Too bad, because I did like this product. Pretty frustrating when you like a product but it's not sold anywhere, in stores or online. So of course I wouldn't recommend it to friends since they won't be able to find it either. I love this product! It's gentle but effective. It gives a nice soothing cool feeling when I have a stomach ache. Gets rid of gas and bloating. The minty feeling helps get rid of nausea and pain. It even freshens breath. I've been using it every day, usually about an hour before a meal to prevent gas and bloating afterwards. I would definitely recommend this Digestive Tonic and I'll be buying it again.


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3.95 out of 5

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  • Digestive Tonic 
  • Try Fowler's® Digestive Tonic
  • Helps relieve gas, bloating, stomach discomfort, and nausea 
  • Pleasant minty flavor 
  • Safe and effective for daily use 
  • All-Natural ingredients 
  • Natural Health Product approved by Health Canada (NPN: 80046141) 
  • Vegan

Qualities Description Ingredients

Fowler's® Digestive Tonic is the natural every-day digestive aid. It helps stimulate digestion (improves the flow of bile, which the body uses to digest fats) and helps relieve gas (flatulent dyspepsia), bloating, nausea and vomiting. Enjoy the many health benefits of peppermint, traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relax your gastro-intestinal system and relieve discomfort. Fowler’s Digestive Tonic also includes silicon from equisetum arvense, a plant which is popularly known in herbal medicine as "horsetail." Fowler's® Digestive Tonic comes in a pleasant, refreshing liquid formulation you can take undiluted, or in a small glass of water. Feel fine again—naturally! 

Suggested Dose (Adult): Take 15ml (1 tablespoon) 3 times daily. To be taken as-is or diluted into water, preferably before meals. Do not drink directly from the bottle. *Shake well before use. 

Fowler’s® Digestive Tonic is a high quality, safe, and effective Natural Health Product approved by Health Canada. NPN: 80046141

Medicinal Ingredients (per 15ml / 1 tablespoon): Silicon (Silicon Equisetum arvense-herb top) 8.4mg, Peppermint (Mentha x piperita essential oil-leaf) 0.13ml.

Fowler's® Reviews (259)
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It is very good product to relief all gases and stomach discomfort and also I recommend this product to everyone and every friend. I used to be very discomfort from bloating and stomach gases but now I feel so reliefed from all this.


tastes yucky but it works my system feels better now i am going to buy this for my son as well as he has problems with his i wasnt sure it was going to work as i have tried alot of things and thisi s the best one


This product really helped with my digestion! I liked the peppermint flavour which made it east to drink. It works fast and helped with my bloating.


First time taking this product. Worked quickly to relieve gas and bloating and has pleasant taste Like that it it all natural ingredients.


I gave this to my partner to try, as he frequently suffers from stomach discomfort and bloating. It did help, but he wasnt a huge fan of the flavor.


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