Dairy Free Butter

By MELT Organic

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  • Dairy Free Butter
  • Try a 13oz Rich & Creamy Melt Organic Butter 
  • Rich, creamy Butter made from plants
  • Butter that is better for you, the environment and our food
  • 1-1 replacement for dairy butter in cooking and baking recipes
  • Rich source of ‘Good Fat’
  • Dairy, soy and gluten free
  • Vegan

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Melt is butter, but from a different source. It serves the same purpose, only with more purpose in life. It’s from plants. It’s non-GMO. It’s non-dairy. It’s good fat and it’s just plain good.

They use real, plant-based ingredients to formulate butter that tastes better than dairy butter. Not to mention, bring a little joy back to eating. Melt exist to inspire people to strive for better - because better is something we all can achieve.

Expeller-Pressed Organic Oil Blend (coconut, sustainable ethical palm fruit*T, canola, high-oleic sunflower, flaxseed), Water, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavor, Tocopherols, Organic Annatto Extract Color.

* Fair Trade USA Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. Over 20% of product

T Rainforest Alliance Certified Ingredient

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MELT Organic Reviews (1,939)
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It was good, but I didn't find it different enough from or that much better than Earth Balance that I can get for a better price. Is it worth getting if it's your only option, yes.


a spreadable butter and it’s organic?! Such a win. This worker really well on classic toast and baking :) sometimes I find other plant based butter to show up too watery and salty in baking, but this one kept a creamy finish.


Better than butter tastes great and you dint need slot. I love it so much I want to marry it one day soon when I reach love it love it live it love


Melt organic Butter was a treat For my morning breakfast. It didn't have that oily process butter taste. Went well with eveything ,I cooked.


Melt is an amazing alternative to butter! You don’t have to be vegan or have a lactose intolerance to enjoy. It’s creamy, and definitely has a buttery taste. It’s also a more healthy choice.



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