Zax’s Darkspot Cream: 5 tips for success!

Woo-hoo! Our Zax’s Darkspot Cream campaign is now underway. Congrats to those who were chosen to try it out!

(psst, for those who didn’t get chosen, keep your eye out for a Zax promo code!)

Zax is a Canadian and family-owned company, so we know that their products are made with care! The Darkspot Cream is made with 100% safe and natural ingredients – who says beauty isn’t possible without all of the harsh chemicals?

Check out these 5 quick tips to get the best results from Zax’s Darkspot Cream!

1) Take your time!

It can take up to 6 weeks to see results, so don’t rush your product review.

2) Add it to your daily beauty routine.

It is important that you use this product as consistently as possible, apply it once in the morning and once at night.

We understand that it’s easy to forget, so try packing it in your makeup bag or put a reminder post-it note on your bathroom mirror!

3) Start with a fresh palette.

Prior to application, make sure to wash the affected area and pat dry.

4) Be gentle!

When massaging the cream in, do it lightly in order to reduce abrasion of skin cells.

Try using your ring finger, it’s weaker than your index!

5) Sometimes less, is more! 

This cream is concentrated and spreads easy, so start small and consider the size of the spot. This way, you don’t run through the bottle too quickly!

Zax Application

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  1. Having sensitive skin I have always found it difficult to find a “go to” product. After using the dark eye cream for a few weeks, I notice a difference in the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone! Thank you! – Cass

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