Women in Leadership in the Naturals Industry

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In conjunction with the kick-off of the 50th annual Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) West trade show, Social Nature proudly co-hosted an inaugural gathering for Canadian women leaders in the natural products industry with Multibird Branding and Vista Magazine. The event was a chance to hear from CEOs, founders, and influencers of many of the top brands seen in natural health and grocery stores today, and to help to nurture a community of women in leadership.

What do 20 high profile women talk about when they get together in a room? Exactly what other high powered executives talk about. The group shared what’s working in life and business, and what’s not, along with any tips, tricks, tools they’d picked up along the way. “As a female founder with a predominantly-female team and community, Social Nature cares a lot about #womeninnaturalscanada,” said our very own Social Nature CEO Annalea Krebs. “The event’s positive, productive, and supportive atmosphere left me feeling energized, inspired, and more connected.”

The intimate group got to know each other over an organic breakfast at Yew Restaurant in Vancouver. “The vision is to develop a stronger female tribe within the Canadian natural products industry by nourishing the soil with collective fresh ideas, community, and inspiration,” said Katharine Herringer, co-founder of Multibird Branding and editor of Vista Magazine. One of the attendees, Madeleine Shaw of Lunapads, wrote a blog post on “Sisterhood in Business,” which captured the spirit of the event beautifully.

Although approximately 80% of natural health products are purchased by women, boardrooms do not reflect a similar female domination, with a still-significant gender gap at the senior management level. According to The Female Economy in the Harvard Business Review, 66% of women feel misunderstood by health care marketers and 59% feel misunderstood by food marketers. Yet only 3% of Creative Directors in advertising are women*.

Another women in leadership in the naturals industry event is in the works and will be held in Toronto before the CHFA East trade show in September. Are you a women leader in the naturals industry or know someone who is? Let us know in the comments, or contact hello@socialnature.com to learn more.

*source: http://www.3percentconf.com/


  1. I started The DAWN Network to encourage more women to join the naturals industry, aspire to develop and lead their own companies as well as work toward becoming leaders in the field.

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