6 Taste-Buds Approved Ways to Top Your Waffles

Here you are, wondering what to do with the Food for Life Waffles you get to try with Social Nature – but don’t you fret! We’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite recipes for waffle toppings, savory and sweet. Click on images to get to the recipes.

1) Brie and Apple Waffle Sandwich

Brie and Apple Waffle Sandwich

Photo/Recipe: foodforlife.com


2) Cottage Cheese, Raspberries + Honey


Photo/Recipe: verybreakfast.com


3) Bourbon Peaches

Bourbon Peaches

Photo/Recipe: reciperunner.com


4) Fried Egg + Pear Fennel Salad

Photo: snixykitchen.com

Photo/Recipe: snixykitchen.com


5) Waffle Pizzas

Waffle Pizza

Photo/Recipe: healthiersteps.com


6) Cashew Cream and Blackberries

Photo: verybreakfast.com

Photo/Recipe: verybreakfast.com


Were you part of the Food for Life Waffle campaign? Try out one of the recipes and let us know in your review what you thought! Click here to submit your review.

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