Meet our Everyday Influencers – Courtney Garza

“OMG, I love Social Nature!” was the first thing Courtney said to us when we ran into her at the Natural Product Expo in California this Spring. Courtney is a twenty-something Marketing Manager & Event Planner from Dallas, Texas. She’s been part of the Social Nature community since 2016, and loves inspiring her followers to #trynatural products, especially vegan ones. We invited her for a Q&A so you can all meet her too!


We love having you as part of our Social Nature community. How does it feel to be an Everyday Influencer? 🙂

It’s an honor! I try the products that I feel are best for my lifestyle and if people happen to agree and/or want to try them out too, which it seems they do, then that’s awesome! It makes me happy to see more connections made between my followers and the brands I love through my posts!

How do you #trynatural in your everyday life?

I make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies that are not only organic but grown from local farmers. Being vegan makes it easy for me to integrate tons of natural products in my diet, as none of my food contains the additives that dairy and meat products contain.

How did you come across Social Nature?

I think I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a fellow Influencer talk about how they tried some new product that they grew to really like, from learning about it on Social Nature. This obviously intrigued me as I’m also looking to try new natural and vegan products so I can use them in new recipes and spread the word, of course! I started my Social Nature account about a year ago and have tried so many amazing natural products that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried or even heard about!


What products have you tried so far through Social Nature? What was your favorite natural product?

I have tried Marley Coffee recyclable k-cups, Harvest Soul Superfood Juice (which I loved because it was “chewable juice” and for a texture person, I loved that), Food for Life Ezekiel waffles and English muffins (so so good!), Kim’s Simple Meals homestyle burger mix (unique oaty flavor for burgers), Cuisine Adventures organic fiesta frozen quinoa, and Wildwood organic tofu, which is always amazing for tofu scramble and homemade vegan cheese sauce! I think my favorite was the Food for Life muffins and waffles, simply because I love breakfast foods and they were so easy to make and super yummy. I actually purchased the Food for Life products again as well as the Cuisine Adventure quinoa bowls to try more of their flavors.

Where do you share your Social Nature product reviews? 

I usually share new things I’m trying on my Instagram stories and Twitter. If I really really like it, then I’ll create a post on my Instagram about my favorite qualities of the item and why I think my followers should go buy and try it!

Have you influenced any of your friends to #trynatural products you’ve reviewed and shared?

One of my favorite things to hear from my followers is that they went out and bought and loved a product I posted about. I often get direct messages from my followers, saying that they love my page, my authenticity and how they can really trust my opinion on new items. I know I have turned some of my followers on to the “chewable juice” idea, even when they thought it was weird! I told them it was worth checking out and I had some people tell me that they were glad they did!


What’s one thing you think people don’t know about Social Nature?

That it’s super easy to sign up and jump right into getting new products to review on social media! Some may think that you have to have some super huge following when really, it’s just about being passionate about trying natural products and wanting to be an active member in that community. What’s better than feeding your family, or just yourself, with products that you know are natural and high-quality, plus Social Nature does all of the research for you ahead of time. All you really have to do is try it and share your thoughts. What a dream job!

If you could wish for one natural product to try, what would it be?

A veganized version of yogurt covered pretzels. I have been looking everywhere and somehow, no one has tried it yet and that was one of my favorite snacks as a kid, so I would love to have it for the memories and simply for another amazing vegan snack!


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