Lactose-free? Here’s a great product to still get those healthy probiotics!

Lactose-free yogurt with probiotics

If you’re avoiding products containing lactose, you’re not alone. About 65-75% of adults worldwide suffer from difficulties digesting lactose, with symptoms ranging from painful cramping to bloating.

But ditching dairy all together can mean that you’re not getting the healthy gut bacteria probiotics that naturally take care of any issues in that region. So what to do?

Luckily tons of alternatives have popped up, infused with all the goodness dairy is known for:

– Calcium

– healthy fats

– protein

– and (one of our fave healthy-gut superheroes) probiotics.

And lucky for us (and our community!) lactose-free gurus Green Valley Organics have introduced a line of yogurt chalk full of these healthy bacteria. Great as a snack, or whipped up in baked goods or smoothies, this yogurt is a lactose-free lifesaver.

Get on the happy-gut bandwagon and claim yours today for free at


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