Low on Iron? Flora Inc. Wants You to Try Their Liquid Iron Supplement!

FloraDix Liquid Iron Supplement

If you’re part of the almost 80% of people in the world that are low in iron, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect supplement that works for your body. From absorption problems to stomach pains and even constipation, the side effects of iron supplements often read in a long list. Our friends at Flora Inc. have developed a liquid iron supplement with the intention to reduce these side effects. As a liquid, the Salus® Floradix® Iron + Herbs are easily absorbed and non-constipating, as well as all natural, GMO-free, and safe to take if you’re pregnant (midwife approved!).

In general, an iron supplement can assist your body in

  • forming red blood cells and helping to their proper function
  • Preventing iron deficiency anemia
  • Metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • Forming tissue and connective tissue
  • Healing wounds

We’re currently recruiting Influencers to sample the Floradix®  Liquid Iron Supplement, so click through to get into the campaign. (Open to US residents only)

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  1. Dawn Ditzend

    Would love to see if this could help me as i have anemia and take iron to help control it , but the type i take is really hard to find so would like this if it could help me

    • Social Nature

      Flora products are definitely easier to find – but make sure you read the product description before “wanting” it to make sure it fits your needs!

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