This Fair-Trade Coffee Company Wants YOU to Try Their Newest Blends

Fair Trade Coffee by Level Ground Trading

Are you a currently living in British Columbia? Are you close to Port Coquitlam? Do you love coffee? Is Fair-Trade an important product attribute for you?

If you said yes to all of the above, our friends from Level Ground Trading would like to invite you to trial their newest fair-trade coffee blends!

You get to choose from these 9 varieties:

  • Ethiopia (Organic): Berries and honey provide a bright, playful entry, with smooth center notes, and a lingering cocoa finish.
  • Bolivia (Organic): In this rich, well-balanced coffee, citrus and floral blossom into caramel and finish delicately with lingering hints of milk chocolate.
  • Tanzania (Organic): A deep, wild, full-flavoured cup with pleasant earthiness, juicy acidity, and a fearless dark chocolate finish.
  • Congo (Organic): Sweetly aromatic, juicy citrus, smooth milk chocolate, exotic spice.
  • Peru (Organic): A sweet, crisp coffee with a bright, citrus-hinted entry, delicate cocoa notes, and a clean fruity finish.
  • Colombia: Bold, classic coffee. Balanced with a rich, full flavor.
  • French: Unapologetically sweet and smokey, this dark and full flavored roast lingers with cinnamon notes and undertones of nutmeg.
  • Espresso (Organic): This organic blend of African and South American coffee has a lively entry, rich creme and tremendous character with a cocoa finish.
  • Decaf: This coffee is natural water decaffeinated and presents a clean, full-bodied taste with hints of cocoa and black currants.

Interested? Click through to “want” into the campaign here.

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