Meet our Everyday Influencers – Vivian Tsang

The Health & Fitness industry is a small world in Vancouver, BC – so it wasn’t a surprise to run into Vivian at one of the recent events! As one of our Everyday Influencers of over 2 years, she’s built a following of over 5,000 product enthusiasts on her Instagram – and is an advocate for more natural beauty products!


Social Nature’s Annalea & Vivian at our last event

Tell us about yourself! What keeps you busy?  

Besides working, I am very passionate about the education of young children, especially when it comes to the Chinese language. I am a first generation Canadian born Chinese so I help my children and other young ones as a teacher’s aid learning Chinese in a class once a week. I love arts and history, so every time I travel I thrive in historic sites.  I am also a licensed esthéticien and love learning about new items to add to my skincare and makeup collection.

Wow, you’ve got lots going on! Do other people notice your many interests, too? 

My friends come to me for advice from their prenatal supplements to which spa or school to look for… Pretty much everything under the sun! Especially (and probably) because I am one of the earliest ones to have babies, they ask me all the time for attachment parenting advice.

When did you start applying your interests as an Everyday Influencer? 🙂

I feel like I’ve been one ever since high school, everyone would ask me all these questions! Especially for deals, I love it when I can help others discover wonderful deals and items. I’ve come across Social Nature on Facebook about 2 years ago, and love it. Honestly, who doesn’t love free stuff?! And I love the knowledge sharing within this community.

How do you #trynatural in your everyday life?

I’m trying to teach my friends and family to read labels properly, and to avoid certain toxic chemicals as much as possible.

What types of natural products are always in your cupboard?

Due to my work in the health industry, I have quite a few! Mostly supplements, personal care, cleaning agents. I have many cupboards:)

Vivian’s Veggemo Review on Instagram

How do you like to share your Social Nature product reviews?

On my Instagram first, then Twitter, sometimes Facebook. I think I’ve inspired my friends with it because I have noticed more and more of them going to the health shows to learn more!

What’s one thing you think people don’t know about Social Nature?

It’s not a scam! You actually get freebies! And it’s a great way to try and learn about new natural products!

If you could wish for one natural product to try, what would it be?

would love to try more makeup! I have quite a following of makeup artists.



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