Celebrating #BossMoms

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to take the time to recognize the fierce women who are juggling parenting and profession. Learn more about these badass mothers running an entrepreneurial business – they deserve some serious recognition.

Nutpods FounderThis lactose-intolerant Mother was frustrated with the lack of dairy-free creamer options available on the market so, Madeline Haydon decided to bottle up her homemade recipe and start a business in hopes of bringing (actually) delicious dairy-free creamer to supermarkets. She took to Kickstarter and raised $32,000 to get things rolling (while pregnant). Today, Nutpods remains the #1 Dairy-Free creamer on Amazon and is stocked on retail shelves accross North America – over 13,000 to be exact. This is just the beginning for Madeline, as Nutpods plans to bring even more flavors in the near future. Stay tuned!

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As the Mom of two boys with celiac – Gail searched everywhere to find gluten-free options that weren’t filled with artificial ingredients or fillers. Out of luck, Gail searched Pinterest (where else?) and stumbled upon loads of cauliflower crust pizzas. She admits, her first attempt was not pretty, and took 90 minutes to make a pizza crust?! This was absurd, she thought,  and realized she can’t be the only one thinking this. So, she left her job to create CAULIPOWER. This pizza crust is now the #1 better-for-you pizza across North America, and the brand has expanded into more than just ‘za! Check out their newest innovation, Sweet PotaTOASTS. 👇

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Meet Kari, the female farmer and Mother who is now one of the most successful businesswomen in the United States. It all started when she had a pest-situation at her farm, and the only products on the market were filled with chemicals and designed to poison rodents and pests. Uncomfortable with the idea of bringing these chemicals on to her family home, she decided to design a product that repelled pests using natural ingredients. She started selling her homemade solution at local farmers’ markets –  now she’s on shelves across the country.

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After struggling with her baby reacting poorly to the diapers she was in, this Mother of three made it her mission to create the safest and most eco-friendly diapers and wipes out there. After months of research and discovering just how much waste diapers can cause our planet – she was on a mission to not only create a diaper that suited the needs of her child, but her childs’ planet. Her grandchildren’s planet! Soon, she discovered how sustainable bamboo could be, and Eco Pea was born. As environmentally friendly as their diapers are, people are often surprised how luxurious they feel and how well they work. She really wanted to make an eco-friendly diaper that was better than almost any diaper out there – not just environmentally speaking, but also health, comfort, and performance. Eco Pea has hit the mark.
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It began with a need. Patrice’s baby girl had been scratching her arms and legs, red and swollen form her eczema. After a visit wit the doctor, he prescribed her a steroid cream – which didn’t settle with her. She figured there had to be another option. After scouring retail shelves, frustrated with the lack of natural remedies available, she took to her crockpot to begin creating her own homemade solution. After a few tries, she had developed a balm that cleared her daughter’s eczema up in two days! Satya Organic Eczema Relief was born.

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First-time Mother, Leah Garrad-Cole, was shocked to discover ‘organic’ baby or kids food didn’t mean much. Containing unnecessary fillers and additives that were nothing close to real food (yuck). What did Leah do? She decided to prepare her kids meals at home, using 100% clean and organic ingredients. With Leah’s homemade recipes in hand, Love Child Organics was born, with the hope that all children could have access to truly honest, pure and delicious organic food that would include as many nutritionally-rich ingredients as possible.

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