Canadian Women in Naturals Event: Vancouver Edition

With one of the largest natural product trade shows in Canada taking place in Vancouver, we took the opportunity to host our third Canadian Women in Naturals event. Our Social Nature CEO Annalea Krebs and Vista Magazine’s Editor Katharine Herringer enjoyed a great turnout for their event for women working in the natural and organic products industry in Canada.

Co-Hosts Annalea Krebs & Katharine Herringer

Co-Hosts Annalea Krebs & Katharine Herringer at the Canadian Women in Naturals Event in Vancouver.


As co-host Katharine puts it, “This is a place to nourish and connect with the tribe of women working in the natural and organic products industry. A place for founders, makers, marketers, sales women, retailers and every woman in between.”

The mood and energy at the event were inspirational and uplifting as attendees got to know one another over a gourmet organic breakfast. In the spirit of building community, all joined in to share their “asks” and were paired up with like-minded women that could support that ask, giving attendees an immediate takeaway.

Participants were also encouraged to share “What’s Working” and “What Needs to Change”, sparking conversation around how to get more women involved at the executive level, as 66% of women feel misunderstood by health care marketers and 59% feel misunderstood by food marketers*. Every attendee received a pin with ‘Ask me about Women in Naturals” to continue the conversation far outside the gathering.

Canadian Women in Naturals Pin

Canadian Women in Naturals Pin

Canadian Women in Naturals events are held twice a year, before CHFA kicks off – the biggest Canadian Health Food Show, in Vancouver and Toronto. Interested in joining in the next event? Request to join the Facebook group, “Canadian Women in Naturals” to stay updated.



*Source: The Female Economy – Harvard Business Review


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