About Us

At Social Nature, we’re dedicated to helping people make greener choices. Did you know that each year, the average person uses about 200 products? That’s 200 choices you’re making about what you put in your body, in your children’s bodies, and in the environment.

We began our mission to make green mainstream in 2010 with ethicalDeal, which has now become North America’s largest green daily deal site. Through ethicalDeal, we helped over 100,000 people make greener choices. We’re really proud of that – but our mission demanded we think bigger. We knew that if we were really going to make green mainstream we needed to reach millions of people. We needed a way to mobilize our community to help us spread the word.

Our community was already having conversations about our products on social media so we decided to go where they are. Why not give them products for free and see what conversations come naturally? So we took the plunge and developed the concept for what is now known as Social Nature!

As a member of our Social Nature community, you’ll get to try greener choices like organic deodorants, vegan mascara, healthy snacks and eco-friendly cleaners for FREE. In return, we ask that you share your opinion with our community, and if you liked the product, invite your friends, fans and followers to try it!

Through the power of word-of-mouth and social media we can influence millions of people to make greener choices and achieve our mission of making green mainstream!

Want to join us?

Sign up free at: www.socialnature.com