Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies

By Sambucol®

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  • Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies
  • Try Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies
  • Supports immune health
  • Each gummy contains 50 mg of Elderberry Extract
  • Pectin-based, sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Great tasting and perfect for the whole family
  • Berry flavor

Description Ingredients

Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies provide strong immune system support to help you and your family stay healthy throughout the year. Sambucol is the unique black elderberry extract that is particularly rich in flavonoids called anthocyanins. These act as powerful antioxidants to help the immune system defend itself and attack viruses. Sambucol Gummies are also pectin based, sweetened only with pure cane sugar, and contains no artificial flavors or colors. They are also gluten, nut, soy, dairy and egg free. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and can be used by adults and children from 4 years old.

Dried Cane Syrup, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Raspberry Natural Flavors with Other Natural Flavors, Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax.

Sambucol® Reviews (1,595)
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They tasted really good and they seem to work well. I haven't took a lot of them yet but I plan to. They are not as hard to chew as some other gummy vitamins I've tried so that's good. They aren't too sweet either, really good flavor


We got hit hard this year with the cold & flu in our home. I found myself spending so much money on elderberry syrups & echinacea. I really like this product for its convenience & price. The taste certainly is not bad either, just not as sweet as elderberry syrup. I've been taking these with my vitamin c gummies daily & so far I dodged the last virus my daughter & her dad got hit with. Maybe a coincidence, but maybe not!


The taste is special and I love it. My son and daughter love them too, they asked me to buy more for them. It is good that it supports immune health


I think this is pretty good. I lik the taste of elderberry gummies. I liked that they came in small packages which makes it easier to take with you. I would recommend this product to family and friends.


This Elderberry gummies are the best option for my family when it comes about inmune health. We just came from our last trip where I brought a bottle of Sambucol elderberry gummies, they were easy to take and tasted delicious. While some of our family members were sick, we never got sick! My favorite part is that it doesn’t have artificial colors and flavors.



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